Research & Development

We, at ThinkRaw, are doing extensive research, analysis and product development work for agricultural sector. We are associated with some Food Processing Organisations and our research work aims at catering to their current needs with feasible technical solutions, thereby helping the grow their business.

Our Prototype product for Fish & Prawn farming

Fish & Prawn Farming is a popular trade in India and we have vast scope for development of inland, brackish water and marine fisheries. Increasing levels of pollution in the water bodies is resulting in the decrease in the harvest capacity and at the same time demand for fish is increasing with the increase in the population and need of people. Both combined, raises concern regarding the quality and nutritional value of fish made available in the food market. Improvement in the technologies used, is a necessity to achieve sustainability in the fisheries sector of India.

Our product DHIVARA MITRA combines the following five important parts of fish culture into one box to serve as a one tool solution for every fisherman. Additionally, it would have an inbuilt sensor mechanism that would add mobility to our product. So, DHIVARA MITRA would be able to move through the water body to add uniformity to its key functions as outlined below.

  • Fish/Prawn Feeding - It is very important to use a correct feeding method based on the type of fish and prawn stock, their growth stage and food habits, in order to ensure healthy growth of the fish and prawn stock and improvement in the farm environment.
  • Water Aeration - Dissolved oxygen content of the water of fish ponds is one of the most important parameters of water quality, as the oxygen is a vital condition for all the organisms living in the water and having an aerobic type of respiration. Good oxygenated water helps ensure good survival rate and good quality of fish and prawn stock.
  • Electricity cost - Farmers currently use the expensive method of using diesel to generate electricity for the water aeration process. Solar power can be used instead to reduce the electricity cost to a minimal amount.
  • Water Quality Monitoring - It is very crucial to measure the quality of pond water on a regular basis to check the necessity of aeration process.
  • Smart System Control - The fish and prawn farming process involves an ample amount of manpower involvement and interactions. A self running IoT enabled system can release some of the human effort. The IoT solution can capture various parameters, which affect the fish productivity like oxygen level, Ph, Temperature etc. Through this, time series data would build a data model which can calculate the correlation between the parameters like the fish productivity, death, disease etc. Using this data we can increase productivity by closely monitoring the problem area and rectifying the same. Using IoT we can also control the various devices automatically based on various parameters. For example, automatically switching on the Aeration system when the oxygen level in the water drops. We can also provide the capability to control(Switch on/off) the various devices from a remote location. This kind of innovation can reduce the manpower intrinsic fish farming method and hence reduce the cost and increase profitability.